MOD Facilities Search Ramps Up

With an established Community Board and expert Advisory Council, the MOD team has formally begun a search to find a facility. A checklist of evaluation criteria has been created, and the team has begun to work with real estate professionals, contractors, and community leaders to find the ideal location.LittleMODGuy

The optimal location will have good access for County residents from San Lorenzo Valley to Watsonville as well as the 3 million tourists who visit Santa Cruz annually. The Museum should be visible to the community with adequate, affordable parking; near public transportation, and near other youth and business attractions. Traffic issues, disability access and neighborhood safety are also important.

Financially, the perfect facility should have a low entry cost in terms of remodeling, building and tenant improvement needs, as well as, low carrying costs in terms of rent, fees and utilities.

We are looking for a facility between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet, with high ceilings and open, flexible, naturally lit space.

If you know of a potential location, please contact us by using our web form. You can also access our “MOD Facility Checklist


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    Sue Carter says

    I really don’t have a great space for you at my IRIS Science academy at 4401 Scotts Valley. My facility has relatively low ceilings, is about 1670 square feet, has two baths (one ADA) and a kitchen, and has limited natural lighting. It also has a large yard out back. The only reason I even mention the possibility is because I could possibly provide the space for free until you find a better space. I just need to be able to run a few home school science classes and science summer camps (or I could possibly partner with you to run the programs through your facility?).

    I’m also on a UCSC campus committee trying to come up with solutions for staff/faculty child care for UCSC. It is possible that a children’s museum with interactive programs could provide a facility for children enrichments programs that would fit at least some of the needs of the campus — but the facility would have to be located on the west side.


    Sue Carter
    Professor of Physics

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