Web Team Makes MOD Go Round!

This week’s volunteer spotlight is a double header!

For the past four months, MOD has been working on a major website revamp. Our organization is no longer just a small group of friends and an idea, but a real, emerging museum hitting the ground running. We needed a website that reflected that – one that was professional, content-rich and excited people about this amazing project… But where to begin?

Enter our two incredible web volunteers, Cecile Cruz and Bryn Kanar. With their technical knowledge, guidance, and design skills, we were able to create a beautiful website that powerfully engages visitors. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Our deepest gratitude goes to Cecile and Bryn, without whom we could never have created such a functional, excellent tool to represent the museum’s work.

As it turns out, their bios are even cooler than their websites!

Cecile Cruz:


Photo by Mark Bruhn

Cecile earned degrees in 3 social science fields (Psychology, Economics and Cultural Anthropology) before diving head-first into mobile and web app development. After spending a year in the Philippines conducting dissertation fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology, she merged onto the information superhighway and liked it so much, she decided to keep on truckin’.

Her professional background includes working at the groundbreaking start-up, Lightsurf (later acquired by VeriSign and then by Syniverse Technologies), where she contributed to the development of one of the first mobile picture sharing applications in the world. She has also worked on projects at organizations both large and small, including UC Santa Cruz, AOL, Plastic Jungle, Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), and most recently, Fullpower/MotionX and the SunSpec Alliance.

In her spare time, she can be found drinking coffee, running — either solo, or after one or all of her 3 kids — searching for the latest and greatest in vegan cuisine, drinking more coffee, taking photographs, reading (usually while drinking coffee), and exploring new technologies. She occasionally gets some sleep.

Cecile tells us she is very much looking forward to having a local children’s museum where she and her kids can explore the world around them in a fun and engaging way.

Bryn Kanar:

bryn-kanarBryn Kanar has been a web developer at the University of California Santa Cruz for over ten years. He has also helped develop websites for the Discovery Learning Center (a homeschool resource), Freeskool Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Parent Education Nursery School. He is an avid reader, writer and doodler.

Bryn supported the website redesign from the start to finish. He began by asking us not what new features we wanted, but what our one top priority was for a website visitor. That was easy: Excite people about MOD! His design, advice, and the resulting homepage all stemmed from there.

Bryn is a great, patient teacher who walked us through every step of the process. It makes sense that he is also the father of two energetic home-schooled boys! As a homeschooling parent, he tells us, he looks forward to the day when his kids can play and learn at MOD.

Thank you so much Cecile and Bryn for the hard work you put into the website!

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