Understanding Creativity

1BrainCogsParent engagement MODule | Understanding Creativity | Monday, May 1st: 6:30 – 8:15 pm

  • Understanding Obstacles to Creativity
  • Simple Artistic Activity
  • Neuroscience of Creativity
  • Multiple types of Intelligence and Learning Styles


Maya Ray earned her Masters degree in neuroscience in 2006. Her research was on how the brain re-organizes in response to common ADHD medications. Wanting to be more hands-on with youth, she went on to work in the field of education for the last ten years. She has also worked in three different neurofeedback clinics. She has identified some very useful scientific insights into neuroscience and creativity. She loves working with parents to support them in optimizing their children’s educational opportunities.


David Ray is both a Waldorf certified teacher as well as a public school credentialed teacher. He is very passionate about the utility of creative activities to promote higher level insights, integration of academic concepts, and greater self-awareness. He has: worked with numerous prominent mosaic artists in the Bay Area, performing extensively as a spoken word poet, and has written four books. He’s also promoted stress management techniques for teens in high schools throughout the Bay Area.

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