Little Mozarts 4 FUN Summer Music Camp

There is just never enough of the fine Arts in your child’s life these days. Join Teacher Sam from Little Mozarts 4 FUN for a week of music related fun and games.  Music Camp runs from July 17 – 21 from 1 to 4 pm.

Kids ages 6-11 will express themselves. Think music theatre meets the symphony. Something for everyone’s creative self-expression. Make new friends and have fun.  Don’t worry parents; our camp is HIGHLY educational too! We’ll learn to play a variety of instruments, and learn basic music concepts like pitch and rhythm by using colorful light saber-like instruments called BOOMWHACKERS.

No experience necessary. Already play an instrument? Tell us more. We will tweak our camp to showcase your existing musical talent.

Music! Dance! Drama! Piano! It’s going to be AMAZING. Come join the fun.  Call 8314399125 or for registration and further information click here


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