Build Your Own Electric Guitar

Glenn D-J: Workshop facilitator

Kit Components

Please check the MOD Calendar for the next Electric Guitar-building Workshop. The last one was fun and the participants enjoyed assembling their own guitar. There are usually 3 2-hour sessions, but there will also be 2 3-hour sessions.

For children ages 7 & 8, and adult must be present since some of the tasks require fine motor skills. Kids 9 and older do not need to have an adult present, although they are welcome to join and participate.



Session I

Identify all kit components that were shipped to you by the manufacturer

  • Paint, stain, or varnish the guitar body and back of the guitar neck
  • You must supply your own quick-drying high gloss paint or stain. The workshop leader will varnish for those who want to just varnish the guitar body and neck. The guitar head is usually not painted or stained.
  • Install tuning keys

This participant stained his guitar body green.

Session II 

  • Install and attach guitar neck
  • Install Nut
  • Solder pickup & volume knob wires to Input jack
  • Use drill to attach Pick Guard to Body

Session III

This participant painted his guitar body standard black.

Install Bridge saddle, Back plate, and string-tension springs

  • Attach strings
  • Tune guitar
  • Test guitar using an electric amplifier

Depending on the number of workshop participants, some of the tasks may be moved around.

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