August Toddler Workshop: Sound Lab

Sound Lab

Our Sound Lab discovery program will delight infants and toddlers! As they play, infants and
toddlers learn through their senses and discover their own power by making things happen!
By allowing them the opportunity to explore the materials provided it allows their own interest,
action and discovery to guide their learning.

Music contributes to a rich sensory environment, which has been shown to be beneficial for
brain development and learning. Exposing young children to a wide variety of tastes, smells,
textures, colors, and sounds leads to experiences that can create more pathways between the
cells in their brains and lead to more effective and efficient learning across the developmental

Infants and toddlers benefit the most from learning experiences by having the opportunity to actively participate!

You can encourage your young child’s sound explorations by:

 Following along with their rhythms and sounds
 Extending the rhythms they create in simple ways
 Singing simple and repetitive songs that children can become familiar with
 Accompanying songs with hand and body movements
 Encouraging them to explore sound in new and creative ways

Exploring sound is a great way for infants and toddlers to develop motor skills and to explore beginning concepts about music. They will also have the opportunity engage socially by exploring with other young children, as well as strengthening and deepening language and
communication skills.

A few of the important developing concepts and skills your child is working on are:
* Responsiveness to Language

This is demonstrated when the child:
 smiles and responds to a familiar adult’s voice or gestures
 responds with awareness to language about familiar activities (i.e. gets a drum to play when an adult says, “ Let’s get ready for music time”)

**Cause and Effect

This is demonstrated when the child:
 repeats actions that have effects
 tries out different behaviors to cause effects
 acts on objects to cause a specific result

EMILY DANSKER. This and other Toddler Workshop classes were developed by Emily Dansker. Emily has over 20 years experience in working in Early Childhood Education (ECE), as a ECE educator, mentor, program director, and teacher. Emily completed her ECE at Cabrillo College, and also earned her B.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College. Emily also has an M.A. in education from UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), and holds an Elementary Multiple Subject teaching credential from UCSC.

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