October Classes

October 2017 Schedule

Make Art Monday (11a & 3p with Doris)

Oct 2 – Make Your Own Bird Feeder
Oct 9 – Fall Tree Construction
Oct 16 – Halloween Clothes Pin Puppets
Oct 23 – Fall Harvest Printing
Oct 30 – Glowing Water Bottle Bugs

Sensory Art (Tuesday @ 11a with Brooke)

Oct 3 – Fall Leaf Placemats
Oct 10 – Fall Tree Prints
Oct 17 – Printmaking with Natural Materials
Oct 24 – Harvest Characters Made from Found Materials
Oct 31 – Spinning Spider Webs

What If Wednesday (11a with Doris)

Oct 4 – Autumn Ribbon Wands
Oct 11 – Leaf Sun Catchers
Oct 18 – Seasonal Characters in Salted Glue with Watercolors
Oct 25 – Paper Mache Pumpkins and Gourds

Nature Art (Wednesdays @ 3pm with Sue)

Oct 4 – Fall Seeds
Oct 11 – Leaf Sun Catchers
Oct 18 – Fall Diorama
Oct 25 – Dried Leaves

Sensory Art (Thursday @ 3p with Brooke)

Oct 5 – Pumpkin Lanterns
Oct 12 – Negative Leaf Impressions
Oct 19 – Stunning Autumn Trees
Oct 26 – Printmaking with Natural Materials

Infant/Toddler Workshop | Fridays @ 11a

Farm to Fields: Exploration for Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers are active explorers who take in information through their senses and learn about the world around them through experience. Since they have had a limited amount of experiences in their lives so far, every small thing is a wonder and every moment filled with possibility for learning. We encourage you to enjoy observing how your child explores and plays, and engage with them by supporting their interest. You can support your child’s language development during this activity time by building on words they already know and offering new vocabulary words

By investigating and exploring the connections between things they have observed in the natural world and the play props offered, infants will have the opportunity to experience sensory input including tactile sensations, sounds, and light and colors. Toddlers will pursue active investigation, imitation and practicing developing
skills, including in the areas of language, social emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Play is purposeful and important!

Art & Science (Fridays @ 3p with Paisley)

Oct 6 – The Science of Pumpkins
Oct 13 – Pumpkin Discovery
Oct 20 – No Carve Pumpkin Primping
Oct 27 – Expressive Pumpkins

Citizen Science: Environteers

Thursday, October 5th, 6:30p-8p

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