IMG956736Ever thought we should ask children what they want in a children’s museum? Or have a group of kids test exhibits and give feedback to designers? Sound like a good idea? That is just what our Board of Directors thought when they were presented with the proposal for a Children’s Advisory Board.

The mission of the Children’s Advisory Board (CAB) is, “To hear, engage and empower the young voices in our community while fostering creativity and independent thinking.” The project took shape over a year ago and since then we have recruited a diverse group of children ages 6 to 14. They give us their perspectives so we can best meet the needs of our future visitors. During their monthly meetings, our CAB members test prototype exhibits and give feedback, as well as share their own creative exhibit ideas. In the past year, they have helped us fashion fun and educational exhibits that we are now ready to take on the road with our Mobile Museum.

Interesting in getting involved?

Click here to fill out our Children’s Advisory Board Application

For more information, please contact Jennalee Dahlen. Thanks and we hope your child can come shape the future of the museum!

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