In 2012, a group of educators, parents and grandparents, scientists, business people and community leaders came together with the vision of creating a children’s museum in Santa Cruz County: A museum of discovery, enrichment, and education for the children of the area, a museum unique to Santa Cruz that would showcase the wonders of our environment, from the ocean to the forests, agriculture to entrepreneurship, and scholarship to tourism.

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Since then, our work has unfolded. We established a committed Board of Directors, drew experts for our enthusiastic Advisory Board and exhibit committee, and achieved 501(c)(3) status. Most importantly, we nailed down our vision.

We want the museum to be an interactive space where children can explore, question and investigate at their own pace. Leveraging children’s natural curiosity, the museum will complement more formal education in an environment full of laughter, enjoyment and sharing. Parents and caregivers can explore with their children as well as observe their children’s learning process.

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