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Q: Where is the museum? 

A: We are located in the Capitola Mall near the Food Court in an 8,000 foot square space. We opened our doors on November 15, 20014 and had 2,000 visitors on our first day.   We also launched our MOD Mobile, a touring museum inside our new Dodge Sprinter, in 2013 and have taken it to over 25 community events.

Q: What is in the Museum?

A: The museum consists of five “pods”, or content areas that revolve around what makes Santa Cruz special: agriculture and health, redwood and forest, ocean and harbor, technology and innovation, as well as a dedicated area for toddlers ages 2 and under. Each of these areas has activities for all ages – even parents! We have made a place that provides a hands-on, unique experience for the whole family.

Q: Where do we get the money to pay for the museum? 

A: We are turning to local community members and businesses, as well as looking for grants and corporate partnerships for funding. We have already raised almost $125,000 from our board and are currently looking for people with fundraising and capital campaign expertise to help our efforts, along with scouting donors – let us know about whether you would like to help us in this area.

Q: Do you offer classes, programs and workshops?
A: Yes! Programming provides the human component that makes a museum experience unforgettable. Working with local partners, MOD is a resource for families and the community through innovative programming. We plan to have a young adult volunteer docent program, resources for professional development, community activity space and tailored program offerings that meet the diverse needs of Santa Cruz County.

Q: Do you use volunteers?

A: Yes! We want as many people involved as we can get. This is a museum for everyone, built by hundreds of Santa Cruz people who care about bringing this to our community.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: There are many ways to be involved in MOD. If you just want to give five minutes, you can take our community survey and tell us what you think about the museum. If you have more time and interest, sign up as a supporter to learn about future opportunities, express interest in joining a committee, or to offer your unique talents or resources.


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