• Bonnie KeetCo-Founder: A small business owner and active in the Santa Cruz and Soquel communities, Bonnie Keet has a  Master’s Degree in Social Work and has worked as a special education advocate and activist for 17 years. She has been a publicist for several political candidates and worked on many large scale environmental campaigns, both locally and nationally. She played a small but exciting role on two pieces of national legislature, The Brady Bill of 1993 and the 2004 revision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Bonnie is also co-founder of Kids N Trees, an eco-fundraiser, a founding member of the Soquel Neighbor Alliance, and has been active in the field of early childhood education in the community within the Adirondack State Park area. Since 2002, she has been a Trustee of the Cloudsplitter Foundation – dedicated to the service of improving the future for the flora, fauna and people in the Adirondack Park.
  • Patrice Keet, Co-Founder and Board President: Patrice Keet is a parent and a grandparent of four youngsters. After working as a Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years, she realized that families need exciting, interesting and affordable places to take their children. That led to the idea of establishing a children’s museum in Santa Cruz County. Patrice has Masters Degrees in Marriage and Family Counseling and in Education. She served as Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Montessori School and on the boards of the Mid-county Children’s Center, the Santa Cruz Child Abuse Prevention Council, Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz County, and on the CASA Board for the past 12 years.


  • Rhiannon Crain: Rhiannon received her PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz and the Center for Informal Learning and Schools. She has worked with the Exploratorium, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Citizen Science Department to understand how informal learning opportunities can support complex conservation thinking and activity. She currently leads the YardMap Network Project at the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell Lab, a program that utilizes community members to teach and understand more about the impact of land-use on bird populations. She lives with her husband and two young children in Santa Cruz. 
  • Sue Creswell: Sue is a dedicated MOD program volunteer who lent her considerable energies and talent to launching MOD in it’s current location. Sue brings over 30 years of elementary school teaching experience to the MOD Board. One of her passions is educating children about the natural world.
  • Jennalee Dahlen: Jennalee was born and raised in the open fields of Sonoma, California. In 2004, she met her husband Adam, immediately made the move to Santa Cruz and has not looked back since! In 2012, Jennalee was proud to open Santa Cruz Skin Solutions and Integrated Wellness, which offers a holistic approach from skin to soul. Within Santa Cruz, Jennalee has sat as Director of a Leads Networking Group and continues to help as a coordinator for “Mama’s Night Out”, an annual event supporting pediatric cancer. To this day, Jennalee has an incredible husband and two extraordinary little girls, Iylee and Marley, with a third baby on the way. Her children’s spirit inspired Jennalee to get involved with MOD.
  • Jim Felich,Vice-President: Retired Business Owner
  • Sebastian FreySecretary: Real Estate Broker : Sebastian “Seb” Frey knew right away when he heard about the development of the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery that he had to be a part of this amazing project. Becoming a father was a transformative event for Seb, as it is for many people.  It changed the way he looked at the world, and made him think a much more about its future than at any time before. .

    Seb has always had great curiosity about the world, its people, cultures, and histories which led him to visit over 50 counties, and over half these United States.  It was on one of his many trips that he met his wife Rocio in Peru, and together they have made a home for themselves and their two boys in Aptos, California.Seb is an independent real estate broker by trade, but sees his work primarily about helping people live better lives.  This also means he is dedicated to serving his community, through participation in a number of community organizations.  He presently serves as the Vice President of the Mar Vista Elementary School Parent’s Club, as well as serving on the board of directors of the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery as Secretary.

  • Terry Grove is a parent of three grown children and is a teacher with the Early Start program.
  • Jessica Hassani is a parent and founder of the popular Stroller Striders.
  • Patrice Keet, Co-Founder and Board President (see above)
  • Kirin McKenna is a parent, lawyer, and blogger. Before beginning her career in estate planning and business law, she worked in apparel design, sustainable furniture design, and interior design, with a special interest in Eco-Fashion and Eco-Design.
  • Michael Parisi is a Software Developer, Entrepreneur, and Marketing Director. His educational video game “Isopod” was featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot”, and was also nominated for the prestigious Cybil’s Children’s Literary Award. He is on track for the 2015, multi-platform release of PXME, a unique photo messaging app with parent controls, designed for families with children who use cell phones. He’s also a father, husband, and professional Balinese Gamelan musician.
  • David Ray: David is the parent of a young child and brings his enthusiasm and energy to the MOD Board. He has over 16 years experience in the field of education and is currently working in program planning and administration with home schooling families.


  • Miguel Aznar – Executive Director of KnowledgeContext
  • Erin Billingsby – Co-Founder, Ridemade Productions
  • Cari Chadwick – Educator
  • Angelo DeBernardo – Senior Vice President, Santa Cruz County Bank
  • Celeste DeWald – Museum Professional
  • Joanna Doubleday – Principal, Doubleday Communications
  • Melanie Freitas – Planning Professional
  • Mary Lou Goeke – Executive Director, United Way of Santa Cruz County
  • Terry Grove – Educator
  • Ben Higgins – Marine Ecologist
  • Bob Keet – Physician
  • Bonnie Keet – Business Owner
  • Jim Lang – Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Betsy Maushardt – Community Organizer
  • TJ Moran – Entrepreneur
  • Ginger McNally – Founder, Mission & Money Matters
  • Mariah Roberts – Video Producer
  • Martina O’Sullivan – Director for Community Engagement, Dominican Hospital
  • Trink Praxel – City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission Advisory Board
  • Patrick Scheufler – CPA
  • Holger Schmidt – Professor of Electrical Engineering, U.C. Santa Cruz
  • Peter Swarzenski – USGS Research Oceanographer
  • Monica Terrazas – Pediatric Occupational Therapist
  • Michael Watkins – Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Superintendent of Schools
  • Michelle Williams – Executive Director, Arts Council Santa Cruz County


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