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RACHEL ~ Director of Operations

There are new faces at MOD, and we will introduce them in this page soon.

The foundation of any successful organization is its staff, and MOD is proud to have some of the most dedicated and engaging employees. Each one brings her or his special and unique skills to provide a safe and engaging environment for you children. Under the guidance and support of Rachel and her team, you can be sure that your children will have the best learning and social environment in the Monterey Bay area.

Favorite Color:  Hawai’i ocean blues & blue-greens

Favorite Food:  Spam musubi

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  I love traveling, camping & other outdoor adventures with my family, and I also work as a psychotherapist in Santa Cruz County.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  I joined MOD in 2013, before we even launched Mobile MOD, and have loved every day of seeing MOD grow and strengthen our commitment to providing discovery experiences to children & families in our County. I love the sense of place MOD has become for our members & visitors and am so proud of the many ways we continue to work hard to meet the needs of our wonderful community.


SYLVIA ~ Discovery Specialist

SYLVIA ~ Manager & Events Coordinator

Sylvia is one of the first people you will meet when you enter MOD. Her smile is contagious, and sets the stage for fun at MOD. Sylvia’s love for nature is shown in the Environmental Art classes she teaches at MOD.

Favorite Color:  Yellow bc it’s so bright and beautiful.

Favorite Food:  Pizza!

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  Watching birds and taking nature walks!

Favorite Thing About MOD:  Meeting all the new family & friends that keep our doors open day in & day out!


Melissa edit

Melisssa – Manager & Retail Supervisor

You can find Melissa all over MOD when she is not managing the gift shop or leading Circle Time. Melissa’s engaging smile is known to all who visit MOD.

Favorite Color:  There’s soooo many colors that I love! Turquoise is one of them.

Favorite Food:  Dark chocolate…with almonds!

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  Singing at open-mic or out to a movie with my kids.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  Smiling faces and imagination all around!


LIAM ~ Discovery Specialist

LIAM ~ Manager & PR/Marketing

Liam is can be found at MOD engaging with parents and children. Like the rest of the staff, Liam brings new ideas to MOD such as leading the Infant & Toddler Workshop and Tinker Workshop programs at MOD. His classes allow the children to explore and experiment in a safe environment.

Favorite Color:  Teal since I could never decide between blue and green as a kid, I just decided to merge them.

Favorite Food:  Pretty much anything that I don’t have to make so I can eat it faster.

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  I love to play video games and read books, but I am also a full-time student and attend San Jose State, majoring in Marketing.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  My favorite thing about MOD is not only getting to see kids grow up, but also being able to have a real and positive impact on their lives and help them to develop.  I have made so many friends and love to see them grow and learn as they explore all the fun activities we have here.


Bryan edit

BRYAN ~ Discovery Specialist

If Bryan had his way, MOD would have indoor kinetic sand beach volleyball. Like all other MOD Discovery Specialists, Bryan makes sure that we provide a safe environment for all children.

Favorite Color:  Gray

Favorite Food:  Tacos

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  Volleyball all the time.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  The wonderful staff and the Kinetic Sand.


ALICIA ~ Discovery Specialist

ALICIA ~ Discovery Specialist

Alicia’s enthusiasm for the outdoors can also be seen indoors at MOD. She makes sure that all Discovery areas offer your children the best sensory experiences.

Favorite Color:  Turquoise

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  Backpacking somewhere in the Santa Cruz Mountains or playing board games with my friends.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  Everything is hands-on and OK to Play!


BROOKE ~ Discovery Specialist

BROOKE ~ Discovery Specialist

Brooke, like many of our Discovery Specialists, is a home-grown product of the Monterey Bay region. When she is not making sure that your child has a safe playing area, she can be found teaching Circle Time and Sensory Art.

Favorite Color:  Lots of shades of GREEN

Favorite Food:  Surf Rider Burgers!

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  Collecting shells and sea glass at the beach with my daughter and hiking in the redwoods as a family.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  Interacting with the children and learning with art and crafts while teaching classes.


Doris edit

DORIS ~ Discovery Specialist

Doris has been with MOD since just prior to it’s grand opening in November 2014. She brings a wealth of experiences to MOD, including running her own licensed child care business for over 10 years, and taking Early Childhood classes at Cabrillo College. She keeps busy on the floor at MOD or leading Make Art Monday and What-If Wednesday STEAM-based classes.

Favorite Color:  Yellow

Favorite Food:  Italian Food

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD:  Walking my dog at the beach.

Favorite Thing About MOD:  Teaching art to children.



Yasmin, like many of our other Discovery Specialists, is a product of Watsonville, and the Monterey Bay area. Her bilingual skills help to engage our Spanish-speaking members, & allows her to lead the Cuentos en Español class.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Pasta

Where Can You Find Me Outside MOD: At the park with my kids.

Favorite Thing About MOD: Interacting with the children.




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