The Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery will be: An extraordinary interactive learning environment where everyone explores the wonders of Santa Cruz County. 


The Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery will delight, inspire and challenge by providing an exciting and interactive learning environment in which children can explore the wonders of Santa Cruz County. 

We will be a popular destination for local youth, their parents and teachers in the Monterey Bay area. Additionally, the museum will be renowned as an attraction for visitors to the area. 

We will utilize cutting edge educational methodologies to maximize the learning opportunities for the children, and will incorporate the feedback from our constituents so that we continually evolve and respond to new ideas. 

Our permanency will be guaranteed by strong community support and sound financial planning through grants and donations, events and programs, combined with high volumes of visitors through our doors. 

We will measure our success by the number of visitors we impact every year, by the awards and other forms of recognition we get among children’s museums, and by the pride that the community has in that which we bring to the children of Santa Cruz County. 


More Details:


SCCMOD will:

Provide Exceptional Programming and Learning Opportunities

  • Provide hands-on manipulative experiences geared to a variety of interest levels and learning styles
  • Showcase special exhibits on a rotating basis
  • Utilize state-of-the-art learning theories and research to provide high quality exhibits
  • Feature exhibits that incorporate tiered learning to engage and involve children and those who accompany them

Be a Positive Physical Presence and a Community Resource

  • Be a year-round bricks and mortar facility of permanent exhibits that is environmentally sustainable.
  • Be an esthetically pleasing and engaging environment
  • Include a mobile museum unit that will take exhibits out into the community to schools, childcare centers and daycare facilities
  • Provide opportunities for school and daycare groups to visit the museum for special presentations
  • Include community event space as well as professional development and seminar space

Fully Utilize the Unique Contributions of the Santa Cruz Community

  • Seek community input in order to define and meet the needs of the greater Santa Cruz County Community.
  • Seek exhibit underwriting from local businesses, community organizations and community members
  • Partner with local museums, fraternal organizations and other entities that share a similar mission
  • Utilize volunteers from local high schools, Cabrillo College and UCSC and the community at large, with the goal of providing a high quality volunteer training program

Be Inclusive

  • Provide exhibit information in Spanish as well as English
  • Present exhibits that are culturally relevant
  • Provide museum event opportunities and create outreach to underserved populations in Santa Cruz County

Have a Diverse and Sustainable Funding Stream

  • Be funded through admissions, museum memberships, private donations, foundation grants and available public funds
  • Include a for-profit enterprise in the way of a gift shop


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