COVID-19 Information & Updates


Thank you for being prepared and concerned about public health. We will update this page with news and updates pertaining to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Santa Cruz County.


Creating a safe, healthy, interactive learning experience that sparks curiosity and ignites creativity for members and guests at the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery is our top priority. We have modified and enhanced processes and procedures to maintain and sustain the high-level of cleanliness our guests expect and mitigate as much risk as possible to COVID-19 by aligning with guidance and directives provided by local pediatricians, public health officials, and the Centers for Disease Control. 


Is the MOD still requiring the use of face masks? 

No, but they are still recommended since a large portion of our visitors are still ineligible for the COVIF vaccineRegional, state, and national infectious disease experts cite wearing face coverings as the most important way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. MOD staff will continue wearing face-coverings for the protection of everyone until the vaccine is available to everyone.


What if I don’t have a face covering or mask? 

Guests without face coverings who wish wear one in the museum will be given one by a staff member at the front desk. 


Will masks be required for the museum team? 

Yes. All team members will be required to wear face coverings. 


Will capacity be limited?

While COVID case rates remain low in the county our capacity is limited to 75%. If case rates rise we will limit capacity to 50%. To reserve your spot, please click HERE.

Interested in booking a private reservation for your playdate and/or birthday party during one of our afternoon slots? Please visit HERE.


How can time slots be reserved? 

Museum members reserve free tickets through their account, which can be accessed HERE. Guests should use the link above to reserve and pay for tickets. Guests with special passes need to contact the museum by phone at 888-424-8035. 


If I arrive early for my time slot, can my family enter the museum? 

No. Access to the museum will take place only during the time slots to allow for cleaning and disinfecting of the museum and replacing props between time slots. 


If I arrive late, can my time slot be extended? 

No. An integral part of maintaining a safe, healthy, and clean environment is using the time between time slots for the museum team to change out props, disinfect the museum, and replace or refill hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations. 


Will there be any health screenings i.e. temperature checks, pre-entrance questionnaires, etc.? 


The museum will not be checking the temperature of members and guests entering the museum. However, if guest(s) aren't feeling well or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms – fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath – we request they stay home.


The museum is a high-touch environment. What’s being done to keep my family safe? 

Team members repeatedly clean and sanitize the high-touch areas of the museum during open hours. To address COVID-19, this process is expanded. Between sessions, while the museum is closed, all the props will be removed from exhibits and replaced with a freshly sanitized set and surfaces in the museum will be wiped down. Other high-touch surfaces like handles, buttons and knobs will be wiped frequently. 


I know washing and sanitizing hands is important. How are you addressing that? 

Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the building for easy access. Sanitizing wipes are available for cleaning exhibits at the start and end of play. Frequent handwashing is encouraged of all guests and the MOD team. 


How will physical distancing be maintained inside the museum? 

Guests are able to explore the museum experiences freely and are encouraged to maintain 6 feet between groups.

Will every experience be available for play? 

Yes, everything that is on the museum floor is available for play.

My child’s birthday is coming up, will we be able to have a party at the museum? 

Happy Birthday! We are allowing private party bookings weekday afternoons, Wednesday through Friday between 2 and 4 pm, Saturdays 4:30 - 6:30 pm, and Sundays 10 - 12 pm as well as 2 - 4 pm. The museum will remain closed to the public during all private playdates and birthday party bookings. For birthday party reservations and private playdates, please visit HERE.


Will snacks be available for purchase? Can we bring lunch? 

A select number of cool beverages are available in the mini-refrigerator near the front desk. We have water, juice, flavored soda water, and cold brew coffee for purchase. Right out in front of the museum (the mall) is a lovely place to sit and eat a snack or lunch if you feel so inclined.


COVID-19 is an airborne virus, I’m concerned about the air quality in the museum. How are you addressing that?

The amount of outside air circulated in the building is increased to reduce the amount of air recirculating through the heating and cooling system. Guests are required to wear masks as additional protection. (See question 1). We have also installed MERV 14 rigid cell air filters which provide between 90% and 95% efficiency for filtering particles between 3 and 10 microns in size (target size for capturing droplets carrying COVID virus).

Thank you for being our guest. Stay safe. Stay curious. Be well.