This page is constantly being updated. Please check back here often.

Exhibits are constantly being updated. Please check back here often :)

In all good museum fashion, MOD would like to welcome community-crafted artwork (etc!) made during quarantine for a budding exhibit that will remember one of the most transformative years in recent human history.


Please read the info below on how and what to submit. Happy creating!

COVID-19 & Quarantine Community Art Exhibit:

MOD wants to know what our members have been up to for these past few months (er, almost year!).


Have you taken up a musical instrument, gaming on multiple devices simultaneously, making funny videos, saying your first words? Or, starting a lemon stand business like our little buddy, Arthur (below)?

lemon stand.jpg

We’re hoping to get a collection of our members’ new-found hobbies and practices for a community-based exhibit that we’re hosting both virtually and in the Museum once it is safe to re-open.

We'll take pictures, videos, and even samples of your artwork, sewing, writing, sculptures, music, baking projects, stories... whatever!


Email over your amazing, kid-friendly creations to Is the file too big? Feel free to post an unlisted or private link on YouTube and send it over that way. Or, you can tag MOD on Instagram at @sccmod. We’re on Facebook, too!


Have something tangible you wanted to deliver in person? Through December 24 (provided things stay this way with SIP orders), Wonderland is occupying the MOD's storefront from 12 - 5 pm for holiday shopping and you can always drop off item(s) at the front desk.

[Check out this video tour of a Lego hospital that one of our little guys built!]