Family Access Memberships


Since the infant stages of the development process for the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery, it has always been important to the founders that MOD be a place that’s accessible to all children of Santa Cruz County regardless of their financial circumstances. This is made possible by contributions from local organizations and individuals who share this vision. Through the generosity of a grant from the Ed Newman Family Foundation, MOD is able to support these memberships!


Eligible families will receive an annual membership that includes unlimited daily access to the Museum for 6 named family members, access to classes and activities, and discounts in our gift shop and on birthday party packages.


In order to be considered for a Family Access Membership, families must complete the following (completion does not guarantee membership):

  • Submit a completed application form – available below or at our front desk.

  • Submit proof of participation in one of several programs that are listed on the application.

  • Pay a $5 processing fee to receive membership.


If you or someone you know would benefit from a funded membership to the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery, please consider applying!  For more information, please contact us at (888) 424-8035 or email Sylvia at


Family Access Membership Form in ENGLISH

Family Access Membership Form in ESPAÑOL