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Interactive Ephemeral Art Display

Children creating Ephemeral Art Display
Children creating Ephemeral Art Display

By Rose Martin

Environment Design: Interactive Ephemeral Art Display

Theme: connections to nature (year round theme)

Age Group: 2-5

Number of Children: 1-4, or more on a larger table

Brief Description of the Learning Center:

An ephemeral art display can be set up on a table or section of counter top, it is an exploration center where children are invited to create artistic displays using various items, preferably items from nature. It is important to note that the items will not be glued or attached in any way, it is meant to be focused on the process of creating, rather than the product. When children are complete, they may take a picture either with the adult, or with their mind. You can show children how they can pretend take a picture with fingers held up like a camera. Children may leave their creation for another child to add to, or take it apart and put the pieces back in their baskets.

Materials Needed:

*Baskets/open box

*Various items from nature (or items that represent whatever theme you choose)

*base to display items on: flat wood, cardboard or tray

Set Up:

*Arrange baskets or wooden display box with various items from nature: flowers, leaves, acorns & tops, twigs, vines, crystals, rocks, moss, etc…

*set out base platforms to use as a backdrop: tray, piece of flat wood, etc…

Set Up w/ Optional Materials:

*Items can be switched to match any theme: ocean, seasons, etc…

Adult Movable Items:




Child Movable Items:

*Nature items


*box/baskets to reach

What would the children do in the center?

*select various items from box/baskets to arrange on the base

*explore items

*pile items or select specific items-depending on age and developmental level

What is the adult's role?


*ask questions or offer objective comments

Developmental Goals:

*Math: patterns, symmetry, size, categorization,

*fine motor

*Self and Social: creative self expression, sharing space with others

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