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MOD's Mission & Vision


The Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery is dedicated to providing an extraordinary, interactive learning environment where everyone explores the wonders of Santa Cruz County.



The Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery delights, inspires and challenges visitors by providing an exciting and interactive learning environment where children can explore the wonders of Santa Cruz County.

Our museum is a popular destination for local youth, their parents and teachers in the Monterey Bay area. The museum is also a renowned attraction for area visitors.

We use cutting edge educational methodologies to maximize learning opportunities for children, and we incorporate feedback from our constituents so that we may continually evolve and respond to new ideas.

Our permanency is guaranteed by strong community support and sound financial planning through grants and donations, events and programs, combined with high volumes of visitors through our doors.

We measure our success by the number of visitors we impact every year, by the awards and other forms of recognition we get among children’s museums, and by the pride that the community has in that which we bring to the children of Santa Cruz County.

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