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Volunteer Opportunities

Fuel the Power of Play: Become a MOD Volunteer Today!

Do you have a skill or passion you would love to share? Reach out!

We are always looking for programming partnerships.

Ages 11-13: Volunteer Play Ambassador Program

Too old to visit the Museum? We find youth have a lot to offer as unique "play" volunteers. This program invites youth to drop in at the museum, put on an official MOD apron, and show younger children how to make the most of the museum by leading play, showing how to use exhibits, and being the cool older kid.

Ages 14+: Youth Volunteer

For those 14 and over we offer a youth volunteer program where you visit the museum during open hours, select an activity from our guided activity binder, set up, and invite visitors to participate with you for a couple of hours, and clean up. The activities span science, engineering, and math themes and are aimed at much younger children so the content is easy for our youth to work with. 

Ages 18+: Adult Voluteers

We would love to work with you in whatever capacity you have on offer. We have some dedicated art volunteers who develop and set up weekly programming, some who sew up damaged costumes, others who build exhibits, and those with a higher calling who join our Board of Directors.

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