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Upcoming Events

Join the MOD again on March 11 and April 29 for our oh-so-popular Teddy Bear Clinic created to help children cope with getting vaccinations. We've hosted this event before and it was a success!

Children are encouraged to bring their own stuffed animal to the event, where they will dress up in a lab coat; check-in their “patient;” use measuring tape to monitor the height of the patient; use a thermometer to check temperature; use the otoscope to look into the stuffed animal's ears and eyes; use a needless syringe to give a vaccination; and finally bandage up their stuffed animal.

This low-stakes approach to vaccinations helps kids cope in a supportive environment.

The event is free to MOD members or with paid daily admission to the museum.

Save the date! MOD's bringing back its super fun Summer Camp Festival again this year on March 18!

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